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In the month of August 1930, three young women, Mrs. Rasamuthu Sathasivam, Mrs. Sornacanthy Nallainathan and Mrs. Balambigai Namasivayam ably supported by Mudaliyar  Rasanayagam convened a meeting of Hindu Women to discuss the possibilities of forming a Hindu Women’s Organisation in Colombo. These deliberations led to the formation of the Saiva Mangaiyar Kalagam on the 10th day of December 1930, under the benign presence of Swami Vipulananda, Mr. K. Sathasivam, Dr. T. Nallainathan and Mr. K. Namasivayam.

Mrs. Sathasivam a Founder member and Mrs. Nallainathan the Founder Secretary were with the Kalagam from its inception up to the dawn of the early sixties. Their contribution to the Kalagam during its formative and early years is invaluable. Despite the negative criticism, these two women assisted by the Committee of Management  built up the Kalagam. Mrs. Namasivayam though a Founder member left the Kalagam for personal reasons and came back in 1960 at a critical phase of the Kalagam.

The inauguration of the Saiva Mangaiyar Vidyalayam (Hindu Ladies College) the Secondary School for Girls in 1932 is the most important landmark in the history of the Kalagam. Long before the politicians and policy makers decided that language and religion were vital in the educational programme of children, these pioneer Hindu women of the Kalagam realised that instruction should be in the mother tongue and religion should be a compulsory subject in the curriculum. Thus at a time when English was the medium of instruction, this marked a momentous departure from the prevailing traditions – education of girls in the mother tongue in an atmosphere of the age-old Hindu traditions.


“Lives of great women all remind
You can make your lives sublime
When departing leave behind you
Footprints on the sands of time.”
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