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Mrs. Namasivayam who was one of the Founders of the Kalagam and later its President she bequeathed her residence and her belongings to the Kalagam in 1984 with the wish that it  should be a Home for Elders.

In the aftermath of July 1983,  the young working women needed a place to live in Colombo with a sense of security – the need evolved into the Namasivayam Working Women’s Hostel.

The Kalagam fulfilled its promise and started the Home for Elders – working women on the first and second floors and the elders on the ground floor – the paying and non-paying.

There are 20 working women and 17 elders. – the young and old live in harmony.

A doctor comes regularly for check-ups.  The Illam is registered with Medi Calls.

Yoga classes are held regularly.

The Chinmaya Mission Acharya comes regularly for a discussion class followed by dinner.

The Illam is run on traditional Hindu lines – fasts and festivals observed; vegetarian food served and elders go to the temple regularly.

Bhajans are had every Thursday and Friday and Aarati shown both morning and evening daily.

For recreation – Television, daily papers in both Tamil and English, and Tamil magazines.

Mrs. Namasivayam’s Tuvasham is now observed as a Prayer Meeting and Satsang and Elders’ Day is observed with the elders themselves participating. The Death Anniversary of Elders is also observed when ever possible.

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