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The Mangaiyar Shaaka was started by the Kalagam in association with the Vishva HinduParishad in 1996 and is continuing to function as a Study Class with over 35 members. The objectives are to strengthen ourselves as Hindus and today when Hindu interest is seeming to  wane this would hopefully fortify the young generation of school goers.

The Shaaka programme was inaugurated by Swami Atmaghanandaji of the Ramakrishna Mission in Colombo. Today the children are guided by the Brahmachari of the Chinmaya Mission following a special text of Swami Chinmaya.

The members participate in the  Chinmaya Mission children’s  activities  especially during Navaratri and Sivaratri.

Together with these classes we had earlier started a village programme for the children in order that we could train them in social welfare. Several school and non school children came to the Kalagam where our young members helped the children in singing bhajans and  teaching Hinduism. The children had also given gift parcels of exercise books, pens and  clothes to these children.


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