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In today’s world where there is so much stress and strain, turmoil and tensions man seems to have forgotten his inner-life, the Divinity within him.

To manifest Divinity within us, the shastras say that one method is Yoga. The aim of the Science of Yoga, is  to develop the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual make up of an individual without which, an all round development is not  possible. This creates a healthy mind in a healthy body and thereby achieves the ultimate goal of happiness.

Realising the need for Yoga especially for women in our Hindu community, the Kalagam availed of the opportunity given by Dr. Ponna Wignaraja and sent its member Mrs Thavendrarajah to Vivekananda Kendra in Bangalore to follow a three months intensive residential programme there. During this period she mastered the techniques of Yoga and its therapy for women.

The Mangaiyar Yoga Centre is run for women and the classes are held on Saturdays  from 7.00am to 8.00 am and on Sundays from 7.00am to 8.30am.  A fee is charged per month for the purpose of remunerating the staff.

Classes being with the chanting of “OM” karam and other mantrams followed by breathing exercises and asanas. Most of the asanas help to  keep the body and spine flexible, mobilise stiff ankles and knees, remove back pain and promote circulation of blood and correct menstrual problems in women. Asanas are beneficial in numerous ways.

The growing awareness of the public towards the value of Yoga is seen in the increasing numbers of young women following the  classes.

The Centre holds classes for the Elders at the Balambigai Namasivayam Illam, so that the mobility of their limbs is assured to a great extent. This followed by meditation. It also holds classes for the Vidyalayam children from Grade 6 to Grate 13 followed by meditation.

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