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The Nursery School keeps the lovely little ones in our care more lovely.   
Medical  Science tells us  that the first five years of life are most import in a child’s growth - more than during any other comparable period thereafter. 

His/her attitude to life and capacity to face challenges are determined largely during these formative years.

The Nursery School is the first important step in the education of the child. When the Kalagam ladies met Maria Montessori in Sri Lanka, they were enamoured by her Montessori traditions and the Nursery School was thus started in 1956 and built up on firm Hindu traditions based on  the values of love, truth, righteousness, peace and non-violence in the young minds.

Today the Nursery has been refurbished. Over the years the teachers have added to its growth.

The present teacher is Mrs. Sivalingam – she guides the little ones to work on their own without tension in keeping with the Montessori philosophy.

On the last day of the third term are inportant events for the children -Annual Sports Meet and Prize day.

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